Monday, March 17, 2008

Uncircumcised!?!? Gross!!

Don't worry. I haven't switched sides so quickly.

This is a statement made by many women (and some men) when asked their opinion of the whole, intact male penis.

I have to wonder, to these folks - have you ever seen one?

I think I am in the minority of women who has NEVER seen a circumcised penis in real life.

I come from a family of intact men. My husband is European (Europe has, I believe, a 1% non-religious circumcision rate) and he, along with his entire family, is intact.

I grew up thinking that only Jewish boys were circumcised. It was a bit of a reality
check to realize that over half of American male babies are circumcized at birth or shortly after.

So, for you women (and maybe some of you men) who have never seen an intact penis, here is a gallery
of beautiful intact men.


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